Bright Red Handle
As a B2B IT services company with some pretty complex material to communicate, we had some tough writing requirements. Anne got up to speed very quickly and turned out some top-notch case studies on our services that we’re using now to explain the practical benefits of what we do. They’ve definitely made a difference in convincing our prospects of our full capabilities.
Stephen Scruggs
Vice-President, Sales & Marketing
Saras America
About Bright Red Handle

airplane aisle

A lot of copywriting today is like the airplane safety instructions you hear just before takeoff: there’s a great deal of talking but few people paying attention.

It’s not because the information isn’t valuable. It’s because your audience has tuned out: they’ve heard it all before, they’re impatient to get going, and, most importantly, there’s an information overload.

Much copywriting today suffers from the same phenomenon. Marketers and copywriters forget they have to compete with thousands of other information messages aimed at your audience. And much of that investment in time and effort is subsequently lost.

The Team

Bright Red Handle is run by Anne Sueko Coyle. For ten years, Anne has been writing and editing copy that not only communicates, but persuades audiences. Anne’s educational background is in both Math and Computer Science as well as Communications. Anne also has industry experience working in software as well as financial management.

Anne has partnered with one the top writers in the industry for IT white papers. Well-known in software circles, Gordon Graham provides world-class white paper production services in addition to being the editor of SoftwareCEO.

Anne works with a team of graphic designers to provide a complete service for IT companies looking to boost their sales with powerful case studies.