Bright Red Handle


We’ve heard it again and again. Bright Red Handle case studies pay for themselves a thousand-fold with powerful sales tools that help convince your audience and gain your prospect’s trust.

Bright Red Handle provides two levels of service for case studies: writing only, and writing + layout.

Bright Red Handle price list

Writing only $1400
Writing + creation of new graphics template + layout $2000
Hourly rate $100/hour

Bulk pricing is available for four or more case studies. Please email me for more details on this offer.

The price of a case study includes the following essential steps in creating a powerful, focused success story.

Step 1: Initial briefing with you. This includes:

  • A general overview of your product/service
  • Discussion on key differentiating aspects of your product/service. Assistance on determining these (if required).
  • A general overview of the implementation of your product/service at your client’s site

Step 2: Effective interview with your client. This includes:

  • Preparation of a detailed questionnaire, which is submitted to your client beforehand
  • Verbatim transcript of interview (for testimonials and quotes)
  • Astute, experienced interview techniques for obtaining the best possible quotes and testimonials
  • Deep technological understanding to quickly grasp the information your client relays
  • A professional, courteous interview, which creates a favorable impression on your client

Step 3: Writing of case study. This includes:

  • Entertaining writing that retains your audience’s attention and creates brand stickiness
  • Highlighting of the chief business benefits realized
  • Writing that promotes your key differentiating aspects

Step 4: Editing of case study. This includes:

  • Review of case study with any of your internal personnel (product managers, product marketers, legal department, etc.)
  • One to two edits to obtain a final version that is satisfactory to you
  • (Optional) Approval management with your client