Bright Red Handle
Case Studies

Bright Red Handle provides writing and case study services your audience can grab ahold of.

Effective case studies do more than provide a list of the technical features of an implementation. They must:

  1. Grab and retain your audience’s attention
  2. Be credible and thus gain your client/prospect’s trust
  3. Highlight benefits and thus speak to your prospect’s needs

Here are a few examples of what we’re talking about:

Client: eXplorance
Profile: LendingTree
A young company with a rapidly expanding client list, specializing in data gathering and analysis software.
Client: NSB Group
Profile: adidas Retail
A long-established, mid-sized company specializing in complete software solutions for the retail industry.
Client: Ephox
Profile: Cardinal Health Systems
A young B2B company with a feature-rich product built specifically for Web-based applications.
Client: SarasAmerica
Profile: MetroPCS
A young consulting firm specializing in Microsoft Sharepoint implementations and customizations.

For more information on how to write an effective case study, please download my white paper Ten Common Pitfalls of Case Study Writing.